Spanish 21

Spanish 21If you have ever wished of doubling a 3-card eleven at Blackjack tables with a possibility of a 21 always winning, or maybe you have a wished of getting a special bonus for a seven-card 21, Spanish 21 casino game will make your wishes come true. There is a catch though. Compared to regular games of Blackjack, this casino game offers you a lot more options, something that makes it a lot of more challenging.

About Spanish 21

This casino game is a variation of blackjack that you can learn to play with absolute ease if you already know how to play blackjack. What makes it different is that you will need to use a surrender option that is not usually available at the traditional blackjack tables. It also has different gaming rules as well as exciting twists.

Spanish 21 is usually played with only 48 cards as opposed to the 52 card deck at regular blackjack tables. The four cards that are removed have a face value of 10, so you can be sure that they will influence your odds negatively. Only twelve of the forty eight cards are worth 10, and as a result this game is decidedly in favor of the house.

When playing Spanish 21, you are free to double down on any number of cards. You are not restricted to the first two cards as it is usually the case with the regular games of blackjack. There are also some variations of this game that allows you to re-double or double down on a hand that that is already doubled. Surrendering is another option that you can still use after redoubling. It is usually referred to as double down rescue or forfeit.

If you manage to reach a hand total of 21, you will win at a Spanish 21 table irrespective of the dealer’s hand. This casino game also has special payouts, some which are similar to blackjack and others that you will be required to meet certain requirements. It also has amazing bonuses that you will definitely like.

What’s Unique About This Variation?

There are a few rules in Spanish 21 casino game that make it different from its common counterpart. Besides the fact that the dealer of the game receives a hole card, the following are other unique differences that this game has:

Match the Dealer: This is a special side bet that allows you to place a wager on either one or both of your first two cards received in the hand provided that their face value matches the face up card of the dealer. This increases your chances of getting a much bigger payout.

Small Card Values: Even though the 10 spot cards are removed in this game, another thing to smile about is that the value of the lower value cards increases during each game. This might make card counting to be a bit more difficult, but on the positive side, it causes the game to move faster.

Player 21: In case you get a total score of 21 when playing this game, you will qualify for a win even if the dealer’s value is also 21.

The House Edge

You might be thinking that the rules of this game will heavily favor you, but the truth of the matter is that the advantage is not as big as you might have thought. The removal of the tens from the deck makes the house edge to be in favor of the casino by about 2 percent. This is because chances of hitting 21 so often will be very low. But this game still has a slightly better expected return compared to the regular blackjack games even with this disadvantage.

Where To Play Online?

Spanish 21 is a fun casino game that is easy to find at traditional casinos but harder to find at online casinos. If you are a US player, the best online casino for playing this game is Miami Club which promises to bring something new and fresh to online gamblers. If features nice colors and awesome animations.

You will find Spanish 21 to be an approachable casino game if you are a blackjack enthusiast. However, this game has an exciting spin on the popular blackjack game that you will like, including the alternative rules and amazing bonuses.

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