RTG BlackJack

RTG BlackJackReal Time Gaming is a company that provides a high quality gaming software. The company started operating in Georgia, the United States in1998 but its operations were acquired by Hastings International which in many ways helped in making its operations more efficient.

RTG powered casinos offer both online and downloadable games. The amazing sound effects and the fantastic graphics make it a thrilling experience for the gamers. The RTG blackjack games that their casinos offer are much faster when compared to the competition. Moreover, it offers its customers hordes of themes and features which others cannot. This company also makes video variations of different casino games such as craps, baccarat, video poker and roulette amongst others.

Game Variations of RTG Blackjack

There is a number of blackjack game variations which are offered by casinos that are powered by Real Time Gaming. Some of them include:

Standard Blackjack

This is the conventional blackjack game that uses six decks for game-play. The main objective of this game is to come closer to 21 without having to go over but still beating the dealer’s–hand. You will discover that all reputable RTG powered casinos offer this awesome version of blackjack game. Some casinos which include Bovada offers Single as well as Double Deck standard version of blackjack. The rules of the game are the same except for the fact that there aren’t surrender options.


European Blackjack

What makes this RTG Blackjack game different is the fact that the dealer doesn’t receive the second card until after making full decisions on things like splitting or doubling of cards. The rules of variation of this game include such things as no surrender value and players being able to double-down on the hard totals which are in the range of nine to eleven only.

Faceup 21

Eight decks are used in this game and all the cards, including the dealer’s hole-cards are dealt facing up. This difference with the standard RTG blackjack game changes the manner in which players make important decisions because they have the privilege to see the dealer’s cards from the beginning, so they know when to hit depending on the hand of the dealer.

Matchplay 21

The objective of this game is the same as that of standard blackjack except for the fact that all tens have been pulled out of the decks. However, removing these tens affords the dealer more advantage but there are more payouts to the players which compensates this disadvantage. The special bets cover combinations that achieve 21 and others which don’t. Players can look at the payout table from the interface of the game.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This game variation is placed exactly as blackjack but you have the option to try some extra- winning options. Players should place their wagers before the cards are dealt. Those who manage to achieve a pair win the bonus. Also, there is the perfect pairs-side that isn’t affected by the hand of the dealer.


One unique characteristic of the Pontoon is that all the dealer cards are dealt while facing down therefore facing the player to make a blind draw without looking at the dealer’s hand. The disadvantage that the player faces is compensated by the payments of 2:1. Among the applicable rules are that the dealer will win all the tries, players should continue hitting until they are at the level of 15 and more,. It’s also possible to achieve Pontoon from split hand.

Best RTG Casinos


This offers 100% bonus and new players can get up to $1000 in cash-bonuses by making their first deposits. There are 6 levels and players get their bonuses issued as from $10 for level 1 and $1000 for level 6. Those who play RTG blackjack game more for 60 day period after making their first deposits earn more bonuses.

Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash offers bonuses for all sorts of players. There is a no deposit bonus of $7 and on their first five deposits; players have an opportunity to make up to $7,777. Also, there are table bonuses that could add up to $1,000 for the first two deposits. Also, there is a loyalty program that enters regular players to earn more rewards.

Uptown Aces

Uptown Ace is the newest addition to the RTG casino networks and offers players a full suite of RTG BlackJack games as well as slot machines and other tables games. Join now to claim a lucrative $8,888 welcome package!

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