Real Money BlackJack

Real Money BlackJackCasino games, just like BlackJack, have been created to be played for real money to begin with. Although some people prefer to gamble for free, we would not really call that gambling either.

There are multiple reasons why real money play is the real deal. You get excited, entertained and there’s nothing better than seeing the dealer take two monkeys (cards with value of 10 in BlackJack) on a small initial card, such as 5 or 6.

Learn more about playing this game for real cash at online and live dealer casinos and how does that compares with the real, brick & mortar casino experience.

Playing for Money

Apart the obvious idea of making cash out of the online sites, there are a number of advantages that come with registering to play for real money. To begin, the real online type of casinos enable you to create a lot of wealth without necessarily moving out of your home. Of course, most games and players are -EV in these games, but people like to think that it’s possible to still beat the house in these games.

This gives you the opportunity to perform certain tasks within your home that you could not have undertaken in case someone employed you on a permanent basis. In addition, there are promotions offered to the new players upon registration. In case you decide to play the land-based casinos, you are not likely to come across such amazing offers.

They also provide you with the opportunity to save some amount of cash for the other needs that you may be having. Therefore, choosing on a reputable casino will no doubt make your gaming experience to be the best ever.

The best games types for you to play

In the event that you are taking part in the online gaming for the first time, you may have noted that some of the real money BlackJack are played on a single deck while others on 2, 4, 6 and sometimes more than that. Have you ever asked yourself what are the likely advantages of playing on a single deck or the multiple decks?

i. Single deck

In the past, the single deck black jack was recognized as the standard. Now most casinos have incorporated the multi deck BlackJack. Counting cards on this deck is very easy even for beginners. Nevertheless, you should not assume that a single deck would present you with better odds. A good number of casinos only give 6.5 as the payout for this type of deck.

For example, when you place a bet of $ 10 and you get a black jack while playing a single deck game, you will get an amount equivalent to $ 12

ii. Multi hand

When it appeared very simple for players to count cards, owners of casinos shifted to the multiple deck black jacks. Moreover, they also wanted to improve the house edge to a small extent in comparison to the single one.

Most casinos offer a payout of about 3.5 for the multi deck black jack. In other words, if you decide to bet with $ 10 and you land a black jack while playing a multi card game, you will pocked an amount equivalent to $ 15

Because of the existence of the two, most casinos enforce certain rules so that they promote a house of more than a particular edge. For those who are card counters, you will find it harder doing so on the multi-deck black jack than the single one.

Live Dealer

As soon as you have a test drive for the live dealer variation of this game, you may never go back the casinos you used to spend hours. While playing live dealer black jack you have to strike a balance until you reach certain extremes.

Live casino variation of this game often bring a player close to the most exciting experience and fun you can get from taking part in gaming activities. It is more of having the real casino within your home so that you play when you have time or after work. The live online gambling has been an evident sign of revolution in BlackJack.

This is because you are able to see the dealing of the various cards hence you are sure of a having a fair game at the end. With this type of gaming, you can polish on your black jack skills without necessary having to go to the physical location of the casinos.

The basic strategy

Whether you are looking forward to be a professional card counter or passing time at the casinos during the weekends, you need to learn more about the basic strategy. With the help of the basic strategy, you will be able to do away with the house of edge on a number of Las Vegas types of single decks.

With the application of the frontier rules, you have an advantage of +0.3 % while using the basic strategy. There is proof that this computer strategy is the best technique of playing unless you decide to count on the cards.

Where To Play?

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