PontoonCasino games have evolved greatly. Players have myriad options to choose from, and they have the convenience of playing the games anywhere right from their portable devices because they are available online. One of the interesting online casino games that you might want to play is Pontoon.

About Pontoon

Pontoon is a variation of one of the most popular casino games, blackjack. It can be played by any number of people from two going upwards, but it mostly works well with five to eight players. It uses a standard 52 card pack. In the event that more than eight people are playing this game, the 52 card packs can be mixed together. Players will also be required to have a supply of chips or money for betting.

This casino game has a lot of similarities to the regular games of blackjack in that its aim is the same and card values are also the same. Its aim is to get closer to the value 21 than the dealer without going over. The major difference that it has from the regular blackjack games is that the dealer is dealt 2 face down cards as opposed to classic blackjack where the dealer is dealt one face up card and one face down card.

Another difference that Pontoon has from the regular games of blackjack is that it has a five-card trick that is referred to as “Pontoon” which pays 2 to 1. A similar card trick in the traditional games pays 1.5 to 1.

When playing Pontoon, one player is usually designated as the banker. The first banker is chosen randomly: it is normally the person who cuts the highest card first. In every hand, the other players will be required to bet on having a much better hand compared to what the banker has. The best hand in this game is a “Pontoon”, and it is usually 21 points in two cards. It can only consist of ace plus a ten or picture card.

What’s Unique About This Variation?

Even though rules of Pontoon and blackjack have a lot of similarities, there are a few things that differentiate them. For one, when you are playing Pontoon, you are allowed to double your bet as well as every new card that you have dealt. Unlike blackjack, this online casino game allows you to continue playing further even after your bet is has already been doubled. You are free to double your bet countless times.

Another unique thing about this variation is that the second best hand is comprised of 5 cards that can equal to 21 or be less than that value. This combination is usually referred to as a 5-card trick. Also, hands whose values are 21 and consist of 3 or 4 cards in this game can only be beaten by a Pontoon or a 5 card trick. All other hands in this game are usually ranked according to their value. The value that is closest to 21 is the one that wins. When you are playing this game and you happen to have a hand that is more than 21, it will be judged to be bust.

The House Edge

Pontoon may be a great choice of online casino game especially at a place where the regular games of blackjack do not seem to be meeting your wagering requirement for a bonus. Its house edge is very low as long as you employ the correct basic strategy. In fact, the house edge is lower compared to the traditional 8 deck blackjack games. To be precise, it is only 0.17 percent. However, there are some casinos whereby a 2-card 21 is not considered a Pontoon after splitting aces, and as a result the house edge on Pontoon may be about 0.62 percent.

Where To Play Online?

There are so many online casinos nowadays, but when it comes to playing Pontoon, there are a few that will guarantee you a great gaming experience. For US players, Miami Club casino is a great place to play this game. It has a luxurious feel that you would expect from any top casino. It has been around for quite long and it has proven be outstanding time to and time again.

If you are looking for thrilling experience in the casino game of blackjack, you should definitely try your luck at Pontoon. It has a strategy that it is easy to learn and is just a lot of fun to play.

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