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Play OnlineNowadays, more-and-more people are opting to play Blackjack Online instead of visiting the brick-and-mortar outlet. In fact, it would be correct to say that online also known as internet casinos have taken over as the preferred mode of gambling. Online gambling started taking shape in early 1990s where many internet casinos were established. This was influenced by evolution of information technology (IT) which is the backbone of the online gambling sites.

The greatest internet boom was witnessed in 1998 where millions of gamers were taking part. A person no longer had to leave the comfort of the seat to go to a physical location. What was needed was a Desktop PC or laptop. Currently, mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks, iPad, smartphones, tablets and more are used.

Inception of Mobile Casinos

Initially, casino games such as Blackjack could be played through a desktop PC. This meant that a player had to be stationed at his home or office. Although it offered better convenience than the traditional casino, it still limited movement. Over time, mobile casinos were discovered. The games were accessible via mobile devices and allowed a player to play from virtually anywhere. The gaming platform or interface was also suited for these devices.

A player can use mobile devices such as Tablets, smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices to play online. Most software providers have now created a tailored casino solution for those looking to play BlackJack on the go.

Popular ones include Bet365 and Miami Club Casino. These casinos are known to offer the latest games, have a user-friendly interface, and offer good online support to gamblers.

Rise of Live Dealer Blackjack

As online and mobile casinos took shape, people still wanted to experience the personal appeal that is felt in physical casinos. One approach was Live Dealer Blackjack which started gaining popularity in 2008. It comes in two main version; Personal dealer and public dealer. Personal dealer version is similar to traditional blackjack. There is one dealer at the table who personally deals the cards to players seated at the table. The players take turns in making their decision whether stand, hit, split, double or any other.

During busy times there can be up to 7 players seated. Public Blackjack version is suited for many players and has shared hands dealing the cards. The player places a bet on the cards and selects the hands to play. Normally 3 hands are dealt and a gambler can choose one, two, or three.

Importance of Basic Strategy

When intending to play Blackjack Online individuals always look forward to winning. This can only be accomplished by beating the dealer and perfecting the blackjack hands. To achieve this it is important to have the right strategy. Traditionally, people have been using Basic Strategy Chart.

Online players can also apply it when making their call. The Basic strategy Chart is based on a formula that helps in predicting the possible outcome. The strategy was developed by a computer after simulating millions of blackjack hands. It uses a mathematical algorithm to guide a player on what to do (split, hit, double-down and more) for every combination of cards. Using Basic strategy gives the House a 0.5% advantage instead of the usual 5% thus improving the player’s odds.

Online Blackjack Software Providers

One of the most important factors to consider when planning play Blackjack Online is the type of gaming software. A good program comes in high resolution, fast speeds, user-friendly interface, compatible with other systems, and is highly responsive.

This minimises the drag or delay that can cost a player. There are many software providers in the market. Some of the most popular when it comes to Blackjack are as follows:

Microgaming: – Majority of the online casinos utilize this software as either an exclusive or a part of their offerings.. Blackjack games offered by Microgaming include; Classic Blackjack, Super-Fun 21, European, Double Exposure, Vegas Single-Deck , Spanish Blackjack, Big-5 Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and Vegas Downtown variations.

NetEnt: – Offers Blackjack is single and also progressive modes. Common games include Pontoon, Switch and Surrender.

Real Time Gaming (RTG):- RTG is known to be a leader when it comes to Blackjack. It offers a number of games which include Classic, European, Pontoon, Super 21 and more.

Online or internet casino have changed the gambling scene. It has not only made playing games easier but also more convenient. This is evident from the rising numbers of players taking part in popular games such as Blackjack.

This is more reason for any prospective player to get the right facts about the online games.Anyone intending to play Blackjack Online will certainly find the above information quite helpful.

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