Perfect Pairs BlackJack

Perfect PairsThe variation of Blackjack that is known as Perfect Pairs has increased its popularity within casinos that are in the market to integrate the concept of large jackpots. This variation is most often found in casinos based in London, Macau and Australia. This is a variant that has yet to present itself within the United States, although many believe that it is just a matter of time before it arrives and becomes popular. The speculated arrival within America is believed to be due to the high percentages that can be presented to the house.

There are online avenues that are made available to American gamers permitting them to participate in to the game variant; but none are based within the United States currently. This is due to a websites ability to accept and receive approval for American based credit and debit cards. Just as with any online casino platform, PayPal is an option for the placing of bets, etc.

What’s Unique About This Variation?Perfect Pairs Blackjack is not actually a separate game. This means that the same basic rules of the traditional version are found within this variant. Players are charged with the task of reaching as close to the total of 21 as possible while beating that of the dealer.

A player is able to split pairs, double down, stand or hit in order to improve upon their hand. In accordance of the rules of the individual casino, players are offered a late surrender during the course of a game of Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Usually this variant is used as a side bet. This means that a player is allowed to make a separate wager from the originating bet as a measure of qualifying for a bonus payout in regards to specified hands. The payout for this variant is generally restricted to pairs of face cards. The bottom line of the game is that in order to collect the side bet, a player must be dealt a perfect pair.

Kinds of Perfect Pairs

As has been previously stated, a Perfect Pair is a side bet and it is a variant that is in addition to the standard gameplay of traditional Blackjack. There are three types of pairs within the game of Perfect Pairs and they are as follows:

· A perfect pair – This is when there are two identical cards that are of the same suit and numerical value. This pair pays odds of 25:1

· A colored pair – This is when two cards that are of the same numerical value and color (but they can be of different suits). The odds for this pair pays odds of 12:1.

· A mixed pair – A mixed pair is when two cards of different suits or colors but the same numerical value finds itself into the hand of a player. The pay odds of this hand is of 6:1.

Where to Play Online?

There are a number of online casino platforms that will provide gamers with the opportunity partake in the game. The following is a listing of online casinos that offer Perfect Pairs Blackjack:

Miami Club– This casino club opened up in 2012 and in under the ownership of one of the most reputable online operators within the industry. This is an online casino that is dually licensed within the Netherland Antilles and is able to accept U.S. credit cards. The club has a wonderful VIP rewards program that is offered to all users that provide players with $800 after a user’s first eight deposits. Earnings deposits are available to winners within a matter of 48 hours or no greater than five business days.


For those that have a decent enough mastering of traditional Blackjack, this side bet variant is ideal. Especially so in the realm of online casino gaming. Perfect Pairs Blackjack is truly not an endeavor for a novice, because the lack of experience can result in a plethora of losses.

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