BlackJack Games

blackjack gamesThe online casino boom started more than 15 years ago. In 1998, casino gambling officially boomed into an easy to access internet platform. The evolution of technology was a common factor that steered the growth of this industry and today, we have reached incredible heights.

Players can now access casinos and play their favorite BlackJack games from a mobile or tablet device as well as play the realistic live dealer games.

Most Popular Game Variations

There are several variations of BlackJack, though they do not intend to bring back the wheel, nevertheless, they might give the wheel a new theme. Regardless of the type of casino you choose, you will always find several variations of the game.

Here are some of the leading variations of Blackjack;

Single Deck Blackjack this is one of the most popular, which is also called the super fun 21. In this type, there is usually a betting round that are placed prior to dealing any card.

One of the major differences that is in this variation is the capability of the players to surrender, double, stand or hit on any of the available cards, which are mostly two. The player will beat the dealer blackjack.

In addition, if the player gets a blackjack that is suited with the diamond, they will receive a 2 to 1 payout, which is why it is called the 21 variation.

Atlantic City Blackjack is one that lets the players double down on any of the 2 cards, then they will double after a split has been made. Suppose the dealer holds a 10 point value or an ace as their up-card, they will glance at their down-card right away and then take each of the bets on the table.

The only table bet that will not be taken will be those of player who hold a natural blackjack.

Blackjack Switch is a variation where every player will get two hands. Also, a card from every hand may be swapped. The natural blackjack will pay even money and if the dealer gets 22, it’s considered a push.

European Blackjack is is played with 4 decks and a player is allowed to buy insurance, in case the dealer displays an ace. The blackjack will pay out three to two and a betting round will take place, prior to the cards being dealt.
These are the most common variations, though there are many more available.

Live Dealer BlackJack

After the online casino was introduced and the BlackJack became even more popular among the players, more advancement took place. In around 2008, the Live Dealer Blackjack became more common and many people adapted to it.

This one used more bandwidth, which is currently the most used types of play. Here, players were able to play along with other players simultaneously from different places.

The loading time was also quite faster and there were no any delays. A good thing is that this system was introduced on the mobile devices, which allowed people to enjoy the game at any time from anywhere.

Online BlackJack Software Providers

There are several software companies that provide blackjack games. Some of them began as early as in the 90s, while others boomed later in the 20th century. Here are some of the leading online blackjack software providers;

Microgaming. This is the leading software that not only provides the blackjack games, but also other online games. It was launched in the UK in 94 and has been supporting and providing most of the top online casino games.

NetEnt. This was also established in the UK and is a competitor of the Microgaming, which also provides quality blackjack games and it powers leading casinos like RedBet.

RTG  is also called the Real Time Gaming and was established in the US and offers the US players in some pretty amazing Blackjack game variations. Uptown Aces is a RTG powered casino we could recommend.

These are the leading software providers of the Blackjack games, which are among the most played online casino games.

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