Playing Online Blackjack with Bitcoin

BTC-LogoBlackjack has been one of the most popular gambling games for centuries. Blackjack has for long been considered a Friday evening pass time activity bringing people together after their weeklong activities. Even with the transition and shift in popularity from brick and mortar casinos to the modern online casinos, the blackjack sections have severally recorded the most visits. It has often been argued that one reason for Blackjack’s large popularity in the gambling world is that it gives players a better chance of recording wins. Blackjack is also a traditionally interactive game. With the right kind of strategy, you can easily find yourself walking away with loads of money from a blackjack table. Depending on your approach to the game, there are many variants of blackjack. Ordinarily, blackjack varies with regions and the rules applicable could have some differences. Some will prefer to use a single deck of cards while others prefer multiple decks, sometimes having as many as 8.

How to Play Online Blackjack

Regardless of the blackjack variant you prefer, the basic rules still apply; you need to beat the dealer by having a good combination of 21 or lower. The ace can be equal to either 1 or eleven, and the K, Q and J are all worth 10 points. The rest of the cards each denote points equal to their face value. Playing blackjack in an online casino will apply these same rules. The only difference here is that there is of course neither physical table nor a dealer. The online casino system however replicates the brick and mortar casino version by putting in place a timer that, just like a normal dealer would, regulates how long you take to make your move. Various control buttons will also be displayed to allow you make moves at the virtual blackjack table.

Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency in circulation currently. Being a digital currency, it means that no government institution regulates the issuance of Bitcoin. Such a system ensures that your money cannot be seized, unlike the situation where you would have stored you money in a bank account. In addition, Bitcoin transfers are usually instant. Unlike other funds transfer and payment methods, no service charges apply to using Bitcoin. Paying with Bitcoin is akin to making a cash payment, only that the money is in digital form.

Using Bitcoin to Play Blackjack

Bitcoin has gone a long way in liberating internet based businesses, especially online gambling in regions with strict laws regarding online funds transfers. A quick internet search will yield quite a number of casinos that accept Bitcoin payments. For some of these casinos, they accept Bitcoin alongside other payment methods. Some online casinos have instead been set up to accept Bitcoin as the exclusive payment method.

With the increase in the number of Bitcoin casinos, there are more ways where you can enjoy your traditional blackjack game and still go ahead to use this popular digital currency for your payments. Bitcoin blackjack has especially gained popularity with gamers in the USA.

In addition to the convenience brought by the Bitcoin instant transfer, you can rest easy when playing Bitcoin blackjack by knowing that you remain completely anonymous. In addition, your money – both deposits and whatever winnings you wish to withdraw from the casino – is completely secure. You however first have to ensure that you pick the right kind of Bitcoin wallet that will be convenient for your online gaming. We recommend using the wallet which has always worked well for us.

The rules applied in Bitcoin Blackjack are the same that you would find in any ordinary online casino blackjack. The only difference is the payment method. When it gets to topping up your blackjack funds, simply head to the cashier section and get your bitcoins transferred from your bitcoin wallet into your gaming account. The process is usually easy and recent technology has even made it possible to carry out this process from your mobile phone. Bitcoin transfers will be made instantly and the money is readily available for you to use at the blackjack table.

After you have had that successful run at the blackjack table and wish to withdraw your wins, you can still follow the same simple process and have the wins deposited back into your bitcoin wallet. You can then go ahead and enjoy your wins at other online shops or retailers that accept bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin can also be exchanged for ordinary currency at various bitcoin exchange services available online. You should however take your time to verify the authenticity of a bitcoin exchanger before handing them your money to avoid being defrauded. It is important to note that unlike regulated fiat currency, the anonymous system of bitcoin ensures that lost bitcoin money cannot be traced back. Alternatively, if the casino offers other payment methods, you could opt for the one you find most convenient for you to get fiat currency directly from the casino.

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