Atlantic City BlackJack

Atlantic CityWhen looking for the best online casino games to play, among the things that players look for are rules that are straightforward and a user-friendly interface. Lets not forget about beneficial drawing rules for the dealer and a potential surrender option for Yourself.  Atlantic City Blackjack online casino game has been designed with these and much more.

About Atlantic City Blackjack

This game is commonly described as a Hole card game, which simply means that the dealer is dealt 2 cards whereby one card is face up while the other is face down. The face down card is the one that is termed as the Hole card. The dealer will always check it if his or her other card is a 10 valued card (a jack, a king, queen, or a 10) or an ace.

One thing that you will like about Atlantic City blackjack is that it is a fast-paced game that is absolutely easy to learn. It has very easy and straightforward rules since players play against the dealer. The players usually try to beat the numerical values of the cards that the dealer has without going over 21.

When playing this online casino game, you are allowed to double down on any two cards. You are also allowed to double down after a split. You can split your hand up to three times so as to make a total of 4 hands. If you are lucky enough to be dealt 2 aces when playing this game, you can split them only once. For a split ace, you can only deal it one further card.

If you happen to split an ace and the card that it is dealt to happens to be a 10, the hand will be classed as a 21 as opposed to a blackjack. Another impressive option that is provided by the Atlantic City blackjack casino game is known as late surrender. It allows the dealer to check for blackjack when they have either a ten valued card or an ace. In case the dealer does not have any of these cards, you have the option to give up your hand. In simpler terms, you will be allowed not to play your hand in return for half of your stake if you do not want to risk losing the strong hand that the dealer might have.


What’s Unique About This Variation?

Atlantic City blackjack gives you the opportunity to play five hands at the same time and then split them to maximize your profitability and get a more fun and exciting gaming experience. Other unique options that this game has are the insurance and late surrender that protect you in the event that you find yourself with a less than ideal hand.

This game is action packed and offers you countless ways to win. It uses full 8 decks that have 52 cards each. These cards are usually shuffled before every round is dealt. The dealer is required to stand on 17 regardless if it is soft or not. Like all blackjack games, the objective of this game is for you to beat the dealer. You can do this you have a hand whose total value is more than that of the dealer’s, but it still has to be 21 or less, or the dealer’s hand should be over 21.

Good payouts are possible with this game if you are up to juggling multiple hands. To become a pro, there is a special strategy chart that you can use that shows you the next best move that you can make based on different card combinations.

The House Edge

An Atlantic City blackjack hand will pay you 3 to 2 while a winning insurance bet will pay you 2 to1. Its house edge is 0.36 percent. You can use late surrender as a way to lower your house edge, but it is imperative that you take it only when the perfect strategy calls for it.

The best strategy dictates that the best time to accept the late surrender is when you have a hand that has a total of 16 while the dealer has a nine, ten or eleven. You can also use late surrender when you have a 15 while the dealer is holding a 10.

Where To Play Online?

The best place to play Atlantic City blackjack if you come from the US is at Miami Club casino. It features a gorgeous design and has amazing bonuses and promotions that you will like.

Atlantic City blackjack has a very nice payout and a low house edge that will enable you to maximize your profitability. It also has great graphics and the Late Surrender option that you will like.


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