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Welcome to, a comprehensive all-in-one resource covering all aspects of playing BlackJack online. Even though this resource is relatively new, we already have a few dozen pages with answers to commonly asked questions.

Whether you are a newbie looking to test the game in a free play mode or an experienced player, with intermediate knowledge about it, we are certain that this website will be of value. Lets take a look at various sections of the site with site links to articles that cover the basics of this game.

Playing Online

Internet casinos took off in late nineties and since then the industry has exploded. There are a few thousand online casino sites offering their services and majority of them also offer BlackJack for real money.

How do each of them distinguish themselves against competitors in an industry as saturated as you will find? There are multiple aspects with software being the major one.

You see, even though the number of casinos online is certainly written in 4 if not 5 digits, there are a few dozen of software providers that empower all of them. Every casino will is trying their best to convince you that they are one of a kind, but truth is that 99.9% are just replicas of others. However, with all the competition around there are always plenty of healthy casino bonus offers out there.

In order for you to have a great playing experience, joining a BlackJack Casino that offers games from already proven providers is of utmost importance. The three we can suggest are Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and NetEnt. These stand out against the crowd with games of extraordinary quality, but also have more than 1 variation of BlackJack in their portfolio. In fact, Microgaming is known to have more than 20.

Game Variations

There are more than 100 variations of BlackJack available for play using real money, but only a couple of these will be drastically different than the classic type. Don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right game type to play though.

The reason we have a section like this is because some games are just horrible for players, when it comes to the house edge. While a standard single deck BlackJack game will have built in house advantage of less than 1%, more “exotic” game types can have one as high as 10%. Perfect Pairs is a variation like that, but only if you wager on the optional side-bet. Regular bets hold a house edge of approximately 1.4% depending on the number of decks used.

Microgaming powered casinos normally offer Atlantic City BlackJack, a somewhat classic variation of the game allowing you to wager on up to 5 boxes per hand. In this type 8 decks of 52 cards are used and dealer stands on soft 17. This works out to a house edge of 1.45% when following basic strategy of the game.

There is another “exotic” variation known as Pontoon that is spread across Net Entertainment and Microgaming powered casinos. It is also spread across land based casinos in Australia and Malaysia. House edge in the game can be reduced to 0.50% making it a very appealing choice.

Live Dealer BlackJack

Online gambling took a big step forward when the first live dealer casinos were brought to life around 2006. This drastically improved the playing experience, since players now had a chance to interact with dealers and other players through a live video stream.

There are now multiple providers offering high quality live dealer BlackJack, but Evolution Gaming and Net Entertainment are two of these that really stand out. Their video streams are of the best quality and both of them just introduced a chance to play these games on your mobile devices too!


BlackJack is a game with negative expected value and there are no legal ways to actually gain a house edge. Having that said, it is still worth having an optimal strategy when playing it.

This is how you minimize the house edge to the numbers we just outlined above. When you have no clue about what You are doing, the house edge in this game can exceed 10%. This makes slot machines a better option.

Truth be told, learning the basic strategy for this game is incredibly simple and you can ever use a strategy card when playing online.

In our experience people struggle the most with optimal play, when it comes to splitting hands. That’s why we have written guides for splitting aces as well as splitting tens.

Card Counting

Have you seen the movie titled 21? You definitely should, as it is based on true events and tells a story about MIT students who, alongside with their professor, mastered card counting. They also took multiple Las Vegas casinos for millions of dollars in the process.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to master card counting to an extent that would allow you to beat the house. That does not mean that you should not learn the basics of it, though. Even though casinos are now using multiple decks and advanced shuffling machines, reducing their advantage with card counting is still possible.

If you’re thinking about beating online casinos out of a lot of money with card counting, forget it. Re-shuffling the decks make it impossible to gain a long term advantage, so the only way to win money is by getting lucky. Although some of the less popular live dealer game providers might not use expensive card shuffling machines, likely making something possible. If there will be enough interest around this topic, we will make sure to take a look into it.

Blackjack v Craps

Blackjack and Craps are both up there when it comes to fast and furious casino games which anyone can pick up quickly and join in. The chances are that if you are already a fan of Blackjack then you’ll love playing Craps or vice versa. We’d always strongly recommend checking out one of the many online craps sites to try your hand at playing this exciting dice game for yourself with minimum risk.

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